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Jazzbo sez: SEND ME A BUCK!

Help make Me A Millionaire!

You've  heard the story of how the grasshopper fiddled the summer away?

My late grandfather used to say I did that, and he was right. Now, I find myself falling into seniorhood ill prepared, and all because of my life as a wastrel.

Why lie about it? I had a "big time," as we say down South, but in doing so I squandered the farm. I'd always planned to be a millionaire someday but alas, my hopes of achieving that seem slim to none.

Or are they? Hell, there are millions of you out there who wouldn't miss a lousy buck. Just think, doing charitable acts makes you feel good about yourself! And, such random acts of kindness might get you on the Oprah show!

So send this old failed poet a lousy buck at the address below. You won't receive anything for it but the satisfaction of doing a good deed.  AND, you'll be able to tell your friends, "I have this millionaire friend named Jazzbo!"

Send Your Buck To:

165 Paris Pike
McKenzie, TN 38201