my mind reels back
to a time when
my boots beat the mother road
i weaved drunk & mad
by the wayside like
a lost indian
scouting out the unknown
crazy for life
insane thirst to
see see see
know what was beyond
the rise ahead

now it is mostly behind
a stretch of days & miles
good & bad
the shuffle of my soles
bound into the tempo
of the clock tick
i seek no more to
find the magic way

it is in the next breath

• • •

awake before dawn &
i wonder who is beating the
drum in my head
what ghost from what past
is alive and well
in my soul
sunlight spears the corners
beyond the shades & i
dream of oblivion
in a place beyond
the green side of a
hill where
wind sings sweetly
above the roar of
humanity & i walk
in a parade all
my own

• • •

i sit surrounded by
paper ashtrays clutter
smoke & coffee
above me a column of
air climbs to heaven
spreads out above
the ozone
reaches beyond the
my own personal space
in the realm
i can't see but
can feel
the keen edge of
cutting my mind
like a hatchet
through butter beating
down the doubts
that daylight
bring from the
back of the mind to
the top of the

• • •

mellow sounds
spank my ears the
slide of sweet smoke past
my lips i dream
of eden & you
smooth like vanilla
ice cream
marvelous scoops
placed on a plate of
cotton panties
presented on a bed
of satin sheets
moaning in the wail
of the mad night outside
cries rattle from
starry region to
inner space
volumes of past tears
flood rivers down the
cracks in my soul
i push against the night &
find deliverance
in the part of me i
found too late