Stories of Love, Hate & Humor


Thunder Sandwich

The Secret of Daddy's Fever

Going Home

A Conquest of Sorts

Jazzbo & the Dwarf

Joe's Motto

Doobie's Dirt

The Deal

The Sound

The Epiphany of Good Whiskey

Maybe Next Time

Blame It On Midnight

The Tontine

The Wheels of Justice

The Going Away Present



Uncle Belly

These stories represent only a handful of the hundreds I have written during the past 40-plus years. As time permits I shall transcribe more for inclusion on this site. Most, if not all, of these pieces have been published and that information is included at the bottom in some cases. I do not keep complete records of everywhere my work has been published, thus some of the data has slipped my mind.

I hope you enjoy these and please check back as I will be adding to the list.