Mark William





Empty Shelves

The crowded books read from empty shelves
and the world is in place.
Its people safe from themselves.
No fear in the faces they see,
they can deny the destiny.
As they read the covers of picture novels
and live in empty shelves.

Love thy neighbour

From the cracked window I see my home,
manifesting itself from the darkened ashes of poverty.
Not the scarcity of food or money,
but of soul and heart.
We are trapped in the cage of profit and power.
Unable to awaken our humanity,
unwilling to release ourselves from the chains of expectations,
expectations of achievement to better ones peers.
So this drive for glory redefines our morality,
Mutating it to some whimsical indifference,
where on one cares for the human equation.
An equation where the answer lies on some astral plane,
beyond capitalistic motives and human cruelty.
Where dreams and reality collide as one,
creating a world with a utopian similarity.
Where intellect flames our passion,
and understanding fuels our need,
a home for the mind away from greed…

Or are these the ramblings of a jester,
the clouded observations of a fool,
an idealistic mind where apathy rules.
Or am I a believer in a forgotten trait,
to love thy neighbour and to be treated the same.