Cheryl Townsend


Galactic snow melting
between the jerk of
wiper blades
Clouds rest on
black top roads
as if the weight
wore them down
Tom Waits sings
Monroe hips homage
and we've just
another bend to go
The climb up and up
like fishtailing
tho it is really
just the way
until we are warmer
inside over a valley
I swear some day
I'm going to walk
end to end and top
to bottom and we
sleep like Christmas
Eve children tight
in the arms of our
marriage and still
damp from the hands
of our lust til the
morning shines bright
across this new day
and pulls us to its
early offering that
packs easy behind his
back and with the first
snowball throwing
I knew I could never
love him more

Peanut Butter Cookies & a Swiss Cheese Sandwich

are what I am eating
as I type this
It is raining outside
and in the low 40's
A customer brought
my cat Bukowski back
after he fled the
warmth of here
I am coming down
with a cold of
unknown source
or possibly just
suffering weather
related sinus
I have no coffee left
to brew and lots of
books I could and
should be reading
This is a ramble
in harmony with
Hardly what one
wants to see
but my food
is lo-fat
and Buk is now
napping on my lap
and ever after
always starts
right now


My new boss told me
he is a conservative
tho he amended it
to a moderate to expunge
the murder & mayhem
of racists & pro-lifers
This he gave me
as his reason not
to shop at my store
tho he will finish his
degree at Kent State
My new boss is young
enough to be my son
tho I assuredly would
have disowned his
cocky ass by now
He has already fired
one of my co-workers
and threatens to tighten
his rule on rules
He's a perfect set
in the echelon of
by-the-book nomads
that change faster
that seasonal wardrobes
Repeating procedures
we've been doing
as if his own
ingenious device
My new boss is
a short part-time
reserve cop
working on a degree
in Criminal Justice
who has been in his
position two months
before taking it here
I have worked 12 years
as I am and enjoy
my set patterns
My new boss
gets on my
fucking nerves