Maryann Hazen


After ten years his face
has gone mutton sour.
Now this happens -

His eyes ripen and ripen wide.
He favors Kools and muscle shirts.
He has square knees, missing teeth.
He bulges in all the wrong places,
has a tendency to dribble
-- we won't discuss this now.
His spine is in permanent
a whole body erection,
a walking, talking erection
with knuckles
-- we won't discuss this now.

Can you visualize this:
We hide between walls
when the door knocks,
tinkle a little
when the phone rings.
We keep the TV low
so we can hear.
We drop bowls or laundry
at a floor creak or
when Jipper is suddenly silent
in the back yard.
We bend under stairs
trying to keep our eyes quiet.
We keep shades drawn,
there's no sense in windows.
We shop very, very early or
very, very late and sometimes
duck for bread and butter cover.
We've run out the back door
holding hands empty handed.

No laws against crazy,
he's not quite dangerous enough
for them. He has his RIGHTS too
-- we won't discuss this now.

Can you visualize this.
Dark half-moons have become
a permanent feature of my eyes.
Live this way
oh forget it forget it
-- we won't discuss this now.

Maryann Hazen loves Renaissance Fairies, birdhouses, my pet hamster and reading poetry, fantasy, SciFi & Horror. Other hobbies include needlepoint and gardening. She has an awesome tin collection and avoid the kitchen as much as possible.