Henceforth, I will be reading material for future issues of Thunder Sandwich on an ongoing basis. As in the past, I shall attempt to set guidelines that are more attuned to obtaining the best material possible rather than establishing impossible conditions.

Poems may be of any length, with a maximum of 10 previously unpublished on the Internet. (Prior print publication is OK, and  those
posted on boards are acceptable, however they should
not be posted after they are submitted for possible publication or until they appear here.)  It is acceptable to include the poems pasted in the body of an email message. No forms are excluded, however the editor is not overly impressed by bad rhyme. There are no limitations on theme, albeit poetry with a hard edge that speaks to reality has much more of a chance making it than does pretty word pictures.

Essays or fiction should be limited to no more than three pieces per submission. Pasted in mail or plain text is fine--
if the material is blocked in paragraphs with a space between. With complexly formatted stories, I will not read them unless they arrive in Word, RTF or a comparable format.

Please,  don't send poems along one at a time piecemeal as it makes keeping up with them too difficult--that is, unless you intend to only submit one or two.

Replies usually within a day or so, never longer than a week. Payment is the joy of seeing your creation displayed along with those of other like-minded individuals.

And certainly, tell your creative friends to submit. I'm always open to good work from any source.

                                                                                   Jim Chandler