t. k. splake

This site contains poetry, prose and freewrites by t. kilgore splake, well-known poet of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, his work has appeared in scores of literary magazines and journals and has been recorded on audio tape by Earspank Productions. Splake has a number of chapbooks to his credit, many of which are illustrated by his own photographs. A former college professor, he took early retirement a number of years ago and moved to theĀ  Michigan UP. Splake has recently left Munising and moved to Calumet. His mailing address is P.O. Box 508, Calumet, MI. 49913
Splake Chaps


get a life, scotty
When a writing friend is gone
Ghost in the mirror
Last trout odyssey
Graybeard homeboy visit
Waiting for his high darkness
Early AM existentials
Prom date
Best beer of my life
Trout dancing sonata
Graybeard pillow music
Nada existentials
Escape and return