injun wandered all
over town believing
he was about to get
in the middle of a
gunfight with the
dalton gang
a weird looking dude
with a bandana tied
around his head
and hair down his back
an unusual sight in
1953 if not today
he would run between
tootie's store and
the bank firing rounds
with his forefingers at
longriders only
he could see
and sometimes in the
pool hall the guys would
give him a half dollar
to get on a pool table
and drop his pants
and show his huge
purple dick the
result of skin grafts
injun got after he
turned over the
kerosene lantern while
screwing his sister on
the rickty kitchen table
and burned down his
shack and burned up
his sister who was
retarded like injun
both the products
of a long line of
cousins and closer
banging away in the
hillside nights and
the product of their
unions wandering small
villages with finger
firearms and burnt
purple dicks