Lost In Ranger
Jesus' left hook
Buddha on Dream St
Mountain falls on Mohammed
Drinking Coffee
Heart Attack
June Bug
Missionaries & bird shit
Jim Beam Dreams
Cold Room
The Word
Sunday Rain
Two Worlds
Crazy Dave
Remembering Grandpap
Toby James
Near Miss
Never Again
Dad's Birthday
Thin Lizzy
Meridian South
The Funnel
Ohio Epic
Motor Love
Southern Comfort
Old Paper
Another Sunday Poem
Me'n God
Coming Storm
Just another Friday Night
Ode to Floyd Collins
Sunday Rain
Saint Slayer
Moonshine Dreams
An Exaltation of Assholes
Friday Dance Card
Hillbilly Rasputin
Hiding From the Gospel
Jailhouse Blues
St. Louis Blues
Mick Never Sang of this
Homesick Blues Rant
Screw Neitzsche
Could Buk Care Less
No Angst

Graphic by Haze McElhenny of Urban Decay Org

Displaying a Confederate flag nowadays is a  politically incorrect no-no. But since I have had one tattooed on my right shoulder for 41 years I don't think I'll lose any sleep over it. It doesn't represent a racial putdown or any promotion of slavery to me. It's a symbol of where I'm from and--redneck and trailer park jokes aside--I'm damned proud to be a Southerner.

Sure, we have some bad history. But we
have a history, which is something a lot of other parts of this allegedly free country doesn't have.

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