Somewhere here
in all this isolation
and anger
and disappointment,
I've found just a small corner
of peace.
Not a grand
boulder of it,
no gleaming giant
nugget from
the muddy stream.
Just a tiny sparkling
dab that makes
things bearable
for the moment.

I just had the compulsion
all of a sudden
to disconnect.
I was like the man
pissing into the wind
who suddenly decides
that I might
be better served
to do a 180 and
piss downwind.
No need to keep
wetting your
pant leg
time and time again,
and hell,
face it,
you're not impressing
anyone with all
that piss stream

No, everybody else
is too busy pissing
their own streams.
Like you, they enjoy
hearing the splatter
of their piss against
electronic walls.
So, fade away
old hoss and let them
all piss in peace,
let them expend their
used fluid essence
without the troublesome
clatter of your
own harsh effluent
smacking reality.

It's not good to
get too wound up
in anything.
I was getting too
wound up in the
posting boards.
It became like a
ritual to fire the browser up
shortly after awakening
each day and to go see
what had been said.
Sometimes, to go see
if anyone had commented
on your lately offering.
More times than not
they had not, of course,
because most were busy
pissing their owns streams,
or sometimes commenting
on the piss stream of someone
who was a big pisser. 
But of course, if you're a
big pisser,
you could dribble a
couple drops down
your trouser fly
and get attaboys
out the ass.
That's the way it works
in Pissville.

So, happy trails and
happy pissing to all.
I'm pissing in a new
corner for the time being.
A solitary corner.
But then animals
mark their territory
with scent that way
and may that's
what I'm

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