like those days
on the walker on
the rolling
south china sea

rocking above
deep water
caught between
black sea and the
crystal stars

exploding above
fireworks on
black velvet
like elvis on
the world's wall

no hip shaking
mississippi boy
blues then
just the slap
of steel hull
on hard water

and demons
filling the
hole in
my soul
with hard
red laughter

memories of
clap hill
filling rents
in my brain

my mind gone
to a balcony
seat in the
caravan club

and payday
gone to
shits and

sweet girls
whose fathers
had killed
my grandmother's

gone further
to sweet green
fields and
high trees of
hometown place
waving in
southern wind

gone to
schoolboy plans
that fell from
hands and
broke like
brittle glass

all the past
rolled into a
ball of grief
and grime
send down the
hill of time

landing with
a thud at my
feet in
the here
and now

where i once
again feel the
lonesome pull of
something gone
and wonder what
broke this

if it did