Ohio Epic
For my love

morphed from
hot macadam road
miles north to
3rd floor smooth
rose smoking room &
a plastic bucket
w/ice & Beam
champagne in
the freezer
body under
stinging spray
southern dirt
going drainward

spearing across the
dark belly
of american
chasing need & want
the front end
of love
green-eyed vixen
in ohio sunlight
my heart captive
my mind gone
round the bend

never one to
believe that dreams
come true
so few have over
the years &
then only by
dreams within dreams
meant for other

moments when the
planets fell into
pulling lines
drew things in
to close reach

the flesh was
sweeter than
the dream
the image bolder
than the sun
leather & lace
the smooth slide
of silken thighs
the sounds of
love coming around
twisting on the
edge of
new age magic

no violence in
the slap of
wet on wet
pink on the
prince of
hard nations
love falling like
sweet surrender down
canyons of longing
a flowering
rosebud pierced
by cries of
promise as
the night
hung still
as destiny

poised over the
pit of wonder
it could have been
music to roll
out in flowing
notes bending
around corners
in the earth's
melodies bound
to old songs
turned in
new phrases
sounds like blooms
playing in
hillside meadows

the rip roar of
black boogie in
deep elm night
scat shouts on
beale street &
the blues winding
over st. louie
sliding low toward
the big easy
tripping north to
bent strings on
the big lake

curled there in
the center
of worldly fire
twirled around the
cone of space & time
till einstein's worlds
meet on the
point of space
turned back on

salvation found
in a smile
love in a look
sweet dreams in
a touch made
to last
knew forever was
only far as
tomorrow & tho
tomorrow sometimes
never comes
it would
& it would
stay even beyond

to always
the real end
still hard in
soft dirt &

frozen in time

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