Jesus' left hook

      Jesus rope-a-dopes
      like Ali leaning
      in a corner
      blocking punches w/his
      elbows forearms gloves
      moves his left sandal
      outside his opponent's right
      finds the track over
      a right cross
      the empty space to freedom
      a half explosion beginning
      at his ankles
      twisting up through
      his hips
      turning his cross/bearing 
      in a half jerk
      culminating in a 16-inch
      left hook from heaven
      right on the button
      comes back with a bolo
      from the same side
      same place

      it's all goodnight
      sweet prince & smiles at

      Jesus skips
      across the ring
      arms raised

      motions for the
      next opponent

      drinks water from a
      plastic bottle

      in a plastic bucket

      dreams about
      the purse