Moonshine Dreams

Lay me down in
moonshine dreams
fluid bubbling
up like devil beads
in good squeeze
shaken hard to
test the proof
read the beads
as they rise
to the top

like cream rising
on a lazy morning
spread on smooth
flesh like butter
on warm bread
the taste of
heartache swallowed
gone on to
feed the soul

thoughts swim in
the realm of fishes
large & small
but the pond
expands forever
just beyond
the edge of sight
and out into
the deepest water

where the humpback
trout rolls to
glimpse heaven
shining above
through the mirror
of rippling water

i turn in
moonshine dreams
to face the past
rolling like
a trout to
glimpse heaven
coming fast from
the bottom of

the clock

coming fast
straight and true
coming home

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