st. louis blues

if i were the dr. of the universe i'd
shove a big nozzle up the anus of
st. louie & squeeze the bulb 1 mighty
time    flush away this shithole town
everyone with enough sense fled
burroughs  williams   shit even
phyllis diller had smarts enough to
beat feet from this provenical little
dodo hole    this crimestink gestapo
one horse burg   this simpering stickup
man whore sprawled by the big muddy
this putrid little political jungle
this stinking hardstreet gutstabber
this freeze-yr-balls-off winter
sweat in the crack of your ass
summer slime   this core of downtown
hardship surrounded with elegant
suburbs with names like ladue,
webster groves, university city,
clayton -- jeez o fuckin christ
THE CENTRAL WEST END!  yuppie land
bmw rolex $50 haircuts hermes bags
cute youth    while down on delmar st
ole black junkies dream of youth &
another hit of heaven   wonder what
happened to time & the elements what
hold the world 2gether
like a flaccid steel penis the arch
droops profane across the skyline   hovers
over big-eyed children who find no
taste for stainless steel   throws shadows
on people who stumble dirty sidewalks w/food stamps
& firearms   blood dreams & hopelessness
on the wide muddy ribbon barges squat
like flattened bugs filled w/heavy
water   the essence of capitalism sways
downstream toward memphis vicksburg
softer climes   down down this
wretched land   down down the hellpath
ribbon slashed like deep death across
the face of amerika   down down to
better dreams & all the while st. louie
just gives me the blues

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