Charles Plymell





                    for John Cassady

Oh really really Neal
his first love was the automobile

Drove a '34 Ford with suicide doors
    and stick shift on the floor
    Draggin' down main to Colfax Avenue

Jumpin' in the back seat boulevard
    kicked back watching asses in the rearview
    cruising past the high school

Clock on the dash reading 10:18
past the neon diner
    last stop for Benzedrine
    and onward to another scene

Chicks would rob a joint
    just to buy him food

One hand on the wheel
    the other in her mood

The blue-eyed kid and the wild-eyed bobby soxer
    California surfers Tarot card sharks and word shooters

Found Ann-Marie in Frisco like a hurricane cock
    didn't need  the Sexual Freedom League
Driving with white pills and pot
    but was really addicted to the wheel

Came back to Old San Francisco
    Flower children all over the streets

Carried star struck Ann-Marie in his arms
    the Denver Kid he never returns
Traded her Chevrolet coupé
    for an old Pontiac
Up the hills, down the curves
    gear it down, pump the brakes
Old mother Ginsberg's back seat drivin'
    turning toward the Avalon drinking a couple of liters
    walking     down Van Ness
    jumping parking meters

One hand on the gearshift
    the other copping a feel 

One hand up her dress
    the other on the wheel

Stole a car in Denver just to hear it peel
    just like drivin' in the races
Stole a car in Denver just to hear it squeal

He moved so fast
    he had one foot in Cincinnati the other in Kalamazoo

Women knew just what to do     
    and all wanted him to be true

Parked in front of Gough Street
    in a 50's red and white Plymouth Fury

Just back from seeing Kerouac, in a hurry
    patrol car in the mirror
    the old white and blacks

Drove past someone with some little white pills
    heading into town

He jumped in the driver's seat
    and spun that Fury around.

The roads were paved with powder all the way to Mexico
    and train tracks shined in the moon
First Road Warrior
    what he did wrong, he never knew