missionaries & bird shit

out in
the driveway
this afternoon
trying to get the
bird shit
off my
car trunk
i see
two young men
practically teens
white long sleeves
dark ties
name tags
good afternoon sir
sez one
are you missionaries
i ask
yes sir he sez
then i don't want
to talk to you
i say
going back to
my birdshit
don't you want
to hear about
jesus christ
asks the one
and i turn from
my bird shit task
and look him in
the eye
i probably know
more about
jesus christ
than you do
but i don't
intend to
talk about it
i say
then turn back
to shit cleaning
well have
a good day
they say
turning away
yeah, you
have one too
i reply
thinking i was
having one until
you came